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In the year 2000, the combined ports of Seattle and Tacoma ranked 4th in the United States in the volume of foreign waterborne trade. The largest foreign trading partners shipping and receiving freight through the ports of Seattle and Tacoma are, in their order of ranking, Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

U.S. Customs in Seattle, Tacoma and SeaTac are the guardians of our nations borders - America's Frontline. U.S. Customs serve and protect the American public with integrity, innovation and pride. And, U.S. Customs enforces the laws and regulations of the United States, safeguards the revenue and fosters lawful international trade and travel.

U.S. Customs is the United State's second largest producer of revenue each year. Last year Customs produced $22.1 billion for the U.S. Treasury. This site is dedicated to the hard working men and women with U.S. Customs in Seattle, Tacoma and SeaTac.




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